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Compass HCM’s off-site HR services are here for your business’s various needs. Whether your clients are in need of a full service HCM platform or simply want applicant tracking and onboarding activities, Compass HCM has you covered. Our services are timely and available when you need them, whenever and from wherever. Trust our experts to handle the ins-and-outs of HR so you can focus on the aspects of your business that you enjoy most.

Off-site HR

Applicant Tracking

For many business owners and managers, recruiting is a full-time job on top of a full-time job. Compass HCM’s Hire OnDemand module facilitates this process by using a fully integrated applicant tracking system (ATS) that helps companies post jobs online, manage applicants, and hire great employees. With its easy-to-use online tools, we transform the way our clients find new talent. Built for companies of any size, our ATS makes posting jobs online a breeze.

Employee Onboarding

With our Employee Onboarding module, our clients can welcome new hires, eliminate manual processes, and fully manage the collection of employee information. New hires are informed and ready for the job day one, with paperwork, forms, and information completed, electronically signed, and delivered prior to their first day of work.

Benefits Enrollment

Streamline your employee benefits enrollment and related administration tasks. It’s never been easier to set up new employees with their benefits and manage existing employees’ benefits. 

Employee HR Portal

Get live Customer Support for Consultations on HR issues with HR OnDemand. It’s like having an HR professional on staff, but without having to hire one! By subscribing to this option, our clients get access to unlimited personalized HR consulting via email and phone. When dealing with issues related to hiring, termination, FMLA, harassment, discrimination, and other HR-related questions, you are not alone – you’ll have a HR Professional to help you with the all the tough questions.

Vacation Request

Apex’s MYGO mobile application’s Time Off feature allows your employees to request time off or view PTO balances straight from their smart phone or mobile device.

Document Storage

Scan, store, view, and update all of your important documents. Choose who has access to the files, such as new hire documents, policy handbooks, notices, employee photos, or employee reviews. Give viewing rights to all employees, or just one. You’ll also have piece of mind knowing your information is secure in a number of ways. First, our hardware and data are located in an SSAE 16 audited facility. We use state-of-the-art systems, such as Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption, to make sure your sensitive data remains private. Additionally, your data is backed up with primary and secondary data centers in case of disaster recovery scenarios. We also provide role-based security including customizable and granular levels of access down to the unique user.

Mobile Apps

Apex’s MYGO mobile application allows your employees to access key HR information straight from their smart phone or mobile devices, such as their benefits statement and access to employee directory. HR announcements and tasks are also able to be sent fast and efficiently in one viewable screen with the MYGO dashboard.

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