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Compass HCM’s payroll services services are easy to use, timely, and available at any time and from any device for your convenience. We provide real-time pre-processing and processing for your clients. This means that the checks and reports are ready once a client has completed their payroll. Eliminate the time-consuming task of importing and exporting files with no need for syncing — that’s hassle-free payroll!

Small business owner with peace of mind from outsourcing payroll

Online Payroll

Our proprietary, cloud-based technology means real-time, 24/7 online payroll access for our clients and their employees. You never have to wait to sync data between our payroll back office system and your online access. Updates are instantly visible to all users due to our enterprise level architecture, which allows you to preview and approve payroll in real-time.


Compass HCM’s robust reporting provides our clients with easy and convenient real-time access to hundreds of standardized reports, as well as the capability to create customized reports with Rapid Reports or Report Writer, our report building tools. All reports can be exported in PDF, Excel, CSV, TXT and more, and reports can be set to run automatically on specific dates or triggered to run by specific event parameters.

Employee Self-Service

With Compass HCM’s Employee Self Service, your employees can view important information in real time. You can provide employees access to a full suite of online tools including employee information, pay stubs, W2s, forms, documents, benefit statements, and time-off requests, resulting in a reduction in the administrative burden, increased profitability, and decreased printed material and distribution costs.

Affordable Care Act

Manage the complexities of ACA with Compass HCM’s ACA OnDemand module, which includes two main tools – the ACA Compliance Center and Simply ACA, which are cloud-based solutions designed to assist employers with managing and complying with the ACA. ACA OnDemand allows for documentation of an employer’s decisions, tracking those decisions on a monthly basis, and annual IRS reporting so clients can make the best decisions for their business. By having ACA compliance documents at your fingertips, you can document your ACA strategy, track employee hours, and create the documentation necessary to avoid costly penalties.

GL Integrations

Our General Ledger Integration features enable our clients to import their payroll general ledger directly into QuickBooks and most other accounting packages, drastically reducing errors and eliminating the need for a manual process. Our clients love the convenience of not having to key-in data, which means they save time and have less corrections to make.

Debit Cards

Our Payroll Debit Card Solution is a ReadyFUND$ MasterCard. These payroll cards are a cost-saving solution that replaces payroll checks and other paper payment disbursements. Now you can improve business productivity, logistics, and time management by converting all employees to direct deposit with the payroll card. Employees are provided with FREE access to 100% of their wages each pay period, and they also have access to the eZsuite of Financial Services, an educational online portal to help them reduce their time spent managing and worrying about financial affairs.

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